Christmas tree of a plastic bottle

New Year Christmas tree from a plastic bottle
Do you think it is unrealistic to make a Christmas tree with your own hands from an ordinary plastic bottle? And here not! And we will prove it to you now. By the way, this New Year tree looks pretty decent and very cute! Plastic herringbone can be put anywhere: at least on the kitchen window, even on the nightstand near the TV, and at least on the children's rack next to toys and books. So what's the deal ?! Materials and tools for crafts.
 Materials and Tools
For the manufacture New Year's Christmas Tree Beauties we will need: • one ordinary plastic bottle of 2 liters of green color; • • A4 album sheet; • • adhesive tape (tape); • • scissors. Agree, very happy that there is absolutely no glue! How to make a Christmas tree from a plastic bottle.Even a schoolboy of junior classes can cope with the task, and even an adult person can not make a plastic Christmas tree! 1. Cut the neck of the bottle so that the stand is under the tree.
 cut the neck of the bottle
2. From the album sheet you need to twist the trunk for the tree in the form of a cone. The diameter of the tube will correspond to the diameter of the neck of the bottle. Insert the tube into the stand.
 Insert the tube into the stand
3. Now cut here such records in the amount of nine pieces. Features of these blanks: 3 pcs. make a rectangular shape measuring 8 cm by 7 cm; next 3 pcs. - 8 cm by 5.5 cm; The last 3 plates are 6 cm by 4 cm. It is not necessary to withstand the size in figures, but the proportions of the blanks must be observed: large pieces, medium and small.
large pieces
4. Each plate should be cut in this way: not reaching the edge of a rectangular piece (approximately 0.7 cm), cut strips 3-4 mm wide.These will be the coniferous branches for our Christmas tree.
 cut this way
 cut the pieces of the bottle
5. To make the branches lush, you need to twist them slightly: take the knife with the blunt side up and stretch it along the strip, firmly pressing the blade to the ribbons. It is not necessary to tighten all the strips at once at the same time, it is difficult and inefficient. Take 4-5 ribbons.
we cut strips with width
6. Now you need to attach the needles to the paper trunk. To do this, wrap his plates, starting from the base. With the help of adhesive tape fasten each tier of needles. In the same way, we move to the top.
 branches were magnificent
 branches were magnificent
 attach the needles to the paper trunk
7. The last tier is attached, so it's time to bring the top of the Christmas tree in order.Twist one small needle-plate so that it can be inserted into the upper part of the trunk.
 attach the needles to the paper barrel
Christmas tree made of plastic bottles
That's it, the green Christmas tree made of plastic bottle is ready! Happy New Year!

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