Fir-tree of forest cones

The new year is new, so that you can bring some unusual elements of decor into it, because the concept of comfort is formed from such trifles. Each of us in our own way relates to the holiday. Someone laconically puts only a Christmas tree for a couple of days before the New Year, and certainly a natural one. This is quite enough for a holiday. For others, the whole house should be lit with perky lights, emit positive notes of the upcoming holiday. In each room there should be decorations and elements of decor that will allow you to feel a certain atmosphere. It is especially nice when such details are made with your own hands, and from natural materials. In early spring, you can find many cones, which differ in shape and size. They can serve as an excellent material for making a Christmas tree, which will serve as an additional decoration during the New Year holidays. Make it quite simple, and even a child can cope with this task. If adults help, and tell you how to make it durable and beautifully decorated, then the joint work will surprise all households.Moreover, now in school and in kindergarten they often require crafts from children, which they can do on their own, or with the help of their parents. This option is fine, as the tree is functional, simple and beautiful. We will need: • cones; • • glue; • • newspapers; • decorations; • • paint; • foam. First of all, you need to make a strong cone of newspapers, which is packed very tightly. It is necessary to walk across the surface with paper tape so that the bumps do not come off under the weight. They are quite heavy, and may eventually come off, which will be frustrating. As soon as the cone is ready proceed to the main action. Fix the bumps on it around the entire circumference. You can use a glue gun, or glue "Dragon", "Titan". Cut a cardboard stand in several layers to the bottom. Then we decorate it to your liking. One bump can also serve as an excellent decoration. If you put it in a stable container, a pot, for example, then decorating with beads and adding decor with white hairspray by dyeing the “twigs”, you will get a miniature Christmas tree that will decorate the table on New Year's Eve. You can also paint a cone with gold or silver paint colors and, fastening on the base of the bow, hang on the Christmas tree.Such toys are not only decorated, but also pleased by the fact that they are made from natural materials and do it yourself.
 herringbone from cones
 herringbone from forest cones
 fir-tree of forest cones
 fir-tree of forest cones
 a tree from cones
Christmas tree of cones
 forest cone herringbone

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