Knitted Ball Christmas Tree

An interesting and unusual Christmas decoration can be made independently with the help of desire, a small amount of free time and a simple set of necessary materials.
 Christmas tree Knitted ball
For making a" knitted ball "will be required : Gray thread; Hook No. 1.75; Blank - foam ball with a diameter of 5 cm; Moment glue or glue gun; Rhinestones or beads for decoration; Satin ribbon, width: 0.5 cm; Vanilla-colored thin lace; Scissors, tweezers, lighter.
 Knitted ball Christmas tree
To start, you must crochet the ball with a crochet without crochet: 1st row - 3 air loops; further along the helix, the 2nd row is an increase in each loop, then two rows — an increase through the loop, the next 2 rows through 2 loops. A little before reaching the middle of the ball, each row has 3 increments.When the diameter of the "fur coat" is equal to the diameter of the ball - knit several rows without increments, put the ball there. Then, to the end, a similar decrease in the loops. The number of rows and loops depends on the yarn and the knitting density, in this example it turned out 18 rows, “baby yarn” 50 gr / 200 m was used. Before you tighten the top, you must fasten the tape on it. Preliminarily pierce the foam with a needle, place a bundle of tape wrapped in a loop, using tweezers. It is good to tighten the end of the knit so that the yarn does not dissolve and the ribbon does not jump out.
 Christmas tree toy Knitted ball
By the" equator "of the ball, gently glue the lace, which will match the color for this product. You can decorate the ball with ribbon bows, beads and rhinestones to match.
 Christmas tree toy Knitted ball
This New Year's ball is light and, most importantly, unbreakable, and the rhinestones brightly twinkle in the light.
Christmas tree toy Knitted ball

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