Christmas wreath

Soon the New Year will come to your doorstep, which means you should get ready for it. It is necessary to prepare, both for refined dishes on your table, and for decoration in the apartment. In addition, it is necessary to prepare yourself and your soul for the arrival of a happy band in your life. To diversify your apartment with decorations or your cozy home, you can create something original and unusual for the interior, for example - a Christmas wreath of ribbons. Just imagine, everywhere purchased Christmas wreaths, besides, are very mundane, and you will bring some creativity into your house. In order to make such a New Year's accessory, you need to stock up on such materials and tools: wire (meter 2), scissors, threads with a needle, glue, two tapes 5 cm wide, 5 different-colored tapes with different widths, 2 thin tapes colored by meter, as well as beads and buttons.
 materials for Christmas wreath
Divide the wire into two parts and twist,giving it a round shape.
 Wire dividing
Now it's time for the first ribbons-basics. First, we take one tape and wrap it around the wire, and then we do the same procedure with the second tape. In several places we fasten tapes with a thread and a needle.
 take one tape
 we fasten tapes with thread
It's time to decorate the base for a wreath. We take the ribbon, preferably more green, for spruce and pine trees are rewarded with this color, and now we make bows or flowers. It can be both roses and simple daisies, whatever your heart desires. For example, one of the simple flowers can be made this way: we divide the ribbon in half and in the middle we fold it with an angle, and then alternately lay it on top of the ribbon, on one side, then on the other.
 we wrap another tape
divide the tape
When we folded the tape,you need to pull one ribbon to make a flower.
 get a flower
When you've made enough flowers and bows, we start to attach them with glue, thread with a needle to the base for wreath.
enough flowers and bows
The final touch in your creation is wrapping thin ribbons around the entire wreath with flowers and bows. Your product is ready to give you a Christmas mood and your loved ones.
 Christmas wreath

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