circular saw blade

Knife from the circular saw
I decided to write an article on how to make a knife. The main idea is that all work will be carried out manually (except for drilling and heat treatment). The idea arose because there are many articles which say that for making a knife it is enough to have several files and a drill on hand, or something like that. I was interested to know how long the whole process would take, and whether I would have to cheat and use power tools. Creating a knife this way I got a wonderful experience. All the work took much longer than I expected. And at the end, I was filled with new respect for people who make knives by hand. In general, I am pleased with the result, and I hope that this article will help everyone who wants to try to make a knife with their own hands.

Create a knife layout

Knife from the circular saw
Knife from the circular saw
Knife from a circular saw
I tried to make a knife of the maximum size, using a design, the contours of which are most suitable for the size of the disk. Thanks to the breadboard model of the knife made by me from thick paper, it was easy for me to transfer its outlines to the surface. For this procedure, I used a marker with a thin rod. This may seem a trifle, but, in my opinion, this detail is important. Compared to a conventional marker, thin leaves a more accurate line. If the line is too thick, it will be possible to make a mistake when cutting the blank.

Cutting a blank

Knife from the circular saw
Knife from the circular saw
Knife from a circular saw I fixed the disk on the desktop, I began to cut out the approximate shape of the blade using straight cuts. If you have never used a hacksaw for metal, make sure that its blade is fixed correctly, the teeth should be directed forward. The hacksaw should cut with the pressure "from oneself."

Bending of the bends

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