Classic Home Kitchens

If you become the proud owner of the kitchen, which was ordered by phone, you should not stop there. To keep your headset in perfect condition, you need to take care of it regularly. We offer simple recommendations that will help keep your kitchen clean.

Proper Surface Care

Simple rules for the care of surfaces.

  • Plastic. This is one of the practical, and therefore popular surfaces. It does not remain greasy and dirty stains, but it is easily damaged by mechanical and temperature effects. Kitchen plastic is the easiest way to wipe with a foam or soft damp cloth. Suitable gentle liquid cleaners, do not use powders or detergents, which include aggressive acids and alkalis. Attention! It is impossible to leave smoldering cigarettes or strongly heated dishes on such a surface. You can only chop or cut food on the board, because the surface can be scratched with a knife.
  • Wood is a natural material that some manufacturers replace with veneer, chipboard or MDF.Such kitchen should be protected from sun exposure and high temperatures. For cleaning, you can use a soft cloth and detergents without chlorine. Experts recommend the use of special aerosols, polishes and detergents with silica compounds that form a protective film that repels dirt.
  • Metal. Mixers, stoves, etc. are made from this material. For the maintenance of such surfaces, you can use only liquid detergents, which do not contain alkalis and acids. It is possible to use solutions containing denatured alcohol. The spots that appear on the surface are recommended to be removed immediately.
  • Glass also needs care. These surfaces require gentle care. For them, it is better to use soft fabrics and detergents, after the use of which there are no stains. Hard scrubbers or brushes should not be used to care for glass.
  • Lacquer and laminate. Effective cleaning of these surfaces should be done regularly. For cleaning use detergents, which include ammonia. It is permissible to use dry, soft materials and suede.Some housewives prefer to gloss and use beeswax products for shine.

Care of mechanisms

We'll have to worry about the care of metal mechanisms. For the correct operation of the furniture, it is recommended to timely regulate and lubricate all parts with paraffin or engine oil. Screw the threaded connections as necessary. This should be done very carefully without making excessive efforts.

Care should be taken to place heavy objects. The load on hanging lockers should be evenly spaced, but according to the following principles:

  • Heavy objects are placed near the supports;
  • The lungs are put on the center;
  • The maximum weight for boxes should not exceed 10 kg;
  • The maximum weight for shelves and tables is no more than 15 kg.

Exploit the kitchen with pleasure and it will last for many years.

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