Clean and disinfect pool

Swimming in the pool with dirty water is not much fun. Since water is gradually polluted and algae and microorganisms are diluted in it, purification systems are needed. In this article we will look at the cleaning of inflatable mobile pools.

Main dirt entry paths

Bathing is fun and safe for health in clean water. However, after the onset of the summer heat, water deteriorates rapidly, and various impurities arise in it. The reason for their appearance is debris, dust, insects, and so on.

Of course, you can protect yourself from debris by the fact that you can simply cover the pools from above, but you can’t protect yourself from algae in this way. The ingress of microorganisms and algae into water occurs in various ways - even on the skin of a person there is always a different microflora. Therefore, to combat such phenomena need special means.

Water Treatment

For the normal functioning of a large enough pool in the summer, a station is requiredwater treatment. Usually such cleaning systems are switched on at night. They can purify water in 6-8 hours. But for large volumes of water it is better not to turn off water treatment in principle. The maintenance of such a system is quite simple. It is enough in accordance with the instructions periodically replace cartridges. When using sand filters, sand is replaced once a season.


To disinfect water in the pool you will need chemicals for the pool Aquadocore. For proper cleaning you need to follow all instructions. Chemical reagents are introduced with water in the evening in a liquid form, after the end of bathing. After a certain period of time it is necessary to carry out enhanced disinfection with a high concentration of disinfectants. In this case, bathing should be carried out no earlier than 72 hours.

Save the correct settings

To reduce microflora growth, water should have a hardness of no more than 450 ppm, an alkalinity of 100-150 ppm and a pH level of pH: 7-7.4. These indicators can be determined by special tests. It is convenient to buy a set for the season. And the test itself is desirable to carry out two or three times a month.The addition of a special chemical preparator to reduce the growth of microorganisms is also used.

Using mechanical cleaning

If the filters in the water treatment system are dirty, sediment may form in the pool. A number of measures are necessary for cleaning.

Water is drained from the pool for 2/3 of the volume, and the floor and walls are cleaned with special brushes. And then the remnants of water with the sediment merge and rinse the walls and bottom.

And then the filters are cleaned. Then the pool is filled with water.

Even with good filter performance, mechanical cleaning is periodically necessary. At the same time, leaves and debris are removed from the surface of the water, and the walls and bottom are cleaned of plaque by the above technology.

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