Clear skin from Clinique

Clinique is a serum to combat skin hyperpigmentation Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector - a tool whose effectiveness is equal to the action of medical preparations. However, serum has a clear advantage - no side effects.
Care for problem skin
Care for problem skin

The advantages of the novelty have already been estimated by experts. At the annual ceremony of the National Prize 2010 in the field of professional cosmetology, the serum won the nomination "Sensation of the Year." What is not surprising. Indeed, in addition to the famous three-stage facial skin care system, Clinique is also famous for its developments in the field of solving problems with hyperpigmentation.

When creating a new serum, the brand specialists joined forces with their Japanese colleagues from the Kobe Skin Research Institute. Due to this, the main component of the product is the plant extract of Dianella Encephalus (Dianella Ensifolia), the birthplace of which is Southeast Asia. This find has become truly unique. Thanks to this component, the serum is able to eliminate pigmentation and prevent the formation of new spots.Once in the skin, serum molecules break up melanin clots into small particles and then remove them with gentle exfoliation.

Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector helps to return the skin a fresh, even tone, brighten age spots, eliminate the uneven tones associated with aging, perennialUV damageand external aggressors, scarring after acne.

In addition, the novelty has a sparing effect and does not irritate the skin, which makes it an ideal product for those whose skin does not tolerate other lightening drugs.

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