Clinker brick - the perfect building material

Clinker brick is one of the varieties of building materials from ceramics, that is, from clay, but due to its long and careful burning out, it acquires additional useful properties.

>The prevailing qualities of clinker bricksstrong>

If there is a need to buy, then you should know that, firstly, baked at higher temperatures.

Second, for him The manufacture of special grades of clay, which are characterized by high refractoriness.

Such technological features of production and used raw materials give the building material extraordinary strength and durability. It is about this building material that one can say that what was made of it once retains its original appearance for many centuries.

It is distinguished by its increased resistance to low temperatures and high humidity, which makes such a brick very popular among professional builders.

For resistance to mechanical stress clinker The brick has no equal among the building materials of this class. Despite its increased strength, clinker is a very eco-friendly material, since it is made only from natural materials, without any harmful additives.

Application areas of the clinker brick

As the rate of suburban construction increases villas, cottages, individual houses, especially luxury housing clinker brick is becoming increasingly popular.

The clinker brick or clinker is very tolerates high humidity, extreme cold and high temperature in hot weather conditions.

It has exceptional heat-conducting properties, maintaining a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter. These properties stipulate the use of clinker for building facades, stairways, various fences.

A special front clinker brick is used for processing socles, colonnades, windows and doors.

It is irreplaceable for equipment of drains, courtyards, terraces, entrances for cars.

The use of clinker bricks is widespread in landscape design. Modern technologies allow to obtain clinker bricks of various geometric shapes, which gives a wide scope of imagination in the design of landscapes of country buildings.

The brick brick finds its use as in the process of repair and restoration of old premises, and in the construction of new construction objects, which allows creating architectural art masterpieces for a relatively low price.

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