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We transfer the image to a t-shirt, mug or smartphone case

We translate the picture on a T-shirt, mug or smartphone cover

If you want to make a T-shirt that no one has for sure, then this is not a difficult master class for you. I'll tell you how to simply translate any color pattern on a fabric, mug, cover for a cell phone or on another surface. For it is not

“Tropical applique” for summer crocheted T-shirt

Jewelry on children's clothes are never superfluous! These little things attract attention, always delight the eyes of others, but most importantly, these bright and positive applications raise the spirits of children.It often happens that such things
We decorate the white jersey with our own hands

We decorate a white T-shirt with our own hands

Handmade, as well as individual decor, valued fashionistas around the world. But you can decorate the shirt with your own hands. For this, leftover lace, a small piece of fabric of a contrasting color (for example, denim) and everything that tells
will come in handy
Decor of the mittens

Decor of cat's feet mittens

It would seem that the summer has just begun, but we don’t have time to look back when the snow-white, cold winter comes again. As the proverb says, “Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter,” this means that everything needs to be prepared in advance. Because, you need to sew,
How to patch up jeans on my knees?

How to patch jeans on your knees?

Knees - one of the "weak" places on jeans. In adults, they are drawn, for example, during sedentary work. And children can tear pants, even putting them on for the first time.It’s not a shame for an adult to part with a damaged thing, she’s probably an old one. And here
How to decorate a T-shirt with pins and beads

How to decorate a t-shirt with pins and beads

Recently, I had an idea how to decorate a T-shirt with beads strung on pins. The advantage of this decoration over, for example, embroidery, is that it is easy to change the location of the pins, and, therefore, the drawing. You can draw a flower, but
Bright decor of a plain t-shirt

Bright decor of a plain T-shirt

Any thing can be transformed beyond recognition, and this master class confirms what has been said. In this master class, we will focus on decorating a children's monochromatic T-shirt, improvised materials with minimal investment. To work you need: • thing
Ragged jeans

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans in trend is not the first year in a row.Probably many on the far shelves in the closet there are old jeans. If you work hard on them, you can make a fashionable thing with your own hands. For work you will need: - jeans; - nail scissors; -
Button decor

Button Decor

Of the buttons that remain 1-2 pieces, you can make a decor for T-shirts. With the help of a simple selection of colors and display patterns, you can make a very beautiful decoration for a T-shirt or a plain T-shirt. What to do for button decor clothes?
Denim Flower

Denim Flower

If you have old ripped jeans in your house, do not rush to throw them away! Today they will be useful to you. Old jeans can give life to new and useful things. In this article it is recommended to make a decoration - denim flower.

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