Clown Mask

If a child wants to be dressed up for a holiday, it is not necessary to buy an expensive carnival costume. After all, the next year the child will grow out of it, and will he want to be in the same outfit again? Therefore, you can make a mask of paper, and pick up bright and elegant clothes. To make such a clown mask, you need: you will need
• cardboard light gray color of a landscape format; • color cardboard; • a set of colored paper; • glue; • scissors; • a simple pencil; • markers. on a piece of cardboard with a simple pencil, mark the outline of the future face of the clown. Draw his eyes, nose and mouth.
 make out the outline
Make the cuts for the eyes.
neatly cut

Circle the shape of the nose with a felt-tip pen and carefully cut along the drawn line.
 circle with a felt-tip pen
Cut a strip of teeth from white paper.Glue.
 cut a tooth strip
Make two eyebrow strips from yellow paper. On the one hand, make cuts, not reaching the opposite edge by 0.5 cm.
 two eyebrow strips
Glue the eyebrows, draw the teeth strips and circle the outline of the mouth.
 glue eyebrows
From pink paper cut two circles.
cut two circles
These will be cheeks. Glue them. Draw mimic wrinkles with a simple pencil.
 Glue the cheeks
Cut a slot in the mouth.
If you have a red cardboard, then you can immediately cut out a hat from it. But if you don’t have it, you first need to make a cap out of cardboard, and then stick colored paper onto it. To make a hat with pom-poms, take a piece of cardboard and determine where the clown’s cap will be.Draw it with a pencil.
 make a cap out of cardboard
Places shown by arrows, cut.
Cut the bottom of the cap so that it goes over the clown’s forehead and you have enough space to glue the parts. Try on the fitting, but don't stick it on yet.
 for gluing parts
Put the blank cap on the red paper, make the markup.
make markup
Glue the workpiece and stick to colored paper. Cut along the contour.
 Cut along the contour
For pompons, cut out of colored cardboard circles, circling, for example, the cap from a plastic bottle.
pompons cut
There should be twice as many circles as there are protrusions on the cap. Glue one circle with glue, attach one of the cones of the cap to it and bury it with another circle,which you should also spread with glue.
 Spread one circle with glue
So glue all the pompons.
 paste all the pompons
To make hair, cut a long strip 4 cm wide from yellow paper. Make a fringe on it over the entire length, do not cut 1 cm to the opposite edge, and make small notches on the opposite side to make the strip better on the contour.
 To make hair
Glue the edge of an uncut strip along the entire length with glue and glue it to the wrong side of the cap. "Hair" combs up. Again, make a clown a fitting and gently glue the cap.
make a clown a fitting
For a collar, take a sheet of cardboard and attach it as shown in the photo. Use your pencil to draw the contours of the two collar parts.
 For the collar
Pick the color as desired.With a pencil, circle the bottom of the face on a piece of cardboard. Lubricate the top of the collar blank with glue and put on it almost to the line already almost ready mask.
 Choose the color as desired
 glue the mouth

Glue colored circles on the collar. So that the eye sockets do not seem empty, take a small sheet of paper of light green or blue color, make round holes, measuring beforehand between the centers of the pupils of a child.
 make round holes
And glue the strip on the wrong side of the mask. Draw small cilia. So that the mask does not move out of the face, it must be fixed on the rims. Cut two long strips of cardboard. On one of them, connect the ends so that it corresponds to the volume of the head of the child. And glue the second strip from above, making it like a hat.
 fasten on the rims
Stick the mask to the strip so that it fits well on the head.You can also glue thin elastic bands on the sides of the mask.
 paste the colored circles
And the final touch. If you want the clown to be with painted lips, cut the mouth out of red paper, as shown in the photo, and glue. And place the red circle on the tip of the nose of the buffoon. The clown mask is ready!
 how to make a clown mask

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