Cold porcelain doggy magnet

Beautiful magnets can be easily done by hand. For this, polymeric clay or cold porcelain is suitable. And in today's master class you will learn how to make a “doggie” magnet. Materials:
  • Stack for sculpting
  • Magnet
  • Cold porcelain
  • Gouache
Let's start:First we need to tint cold porcelain. It can be purchased or self-made. The easiest recipe is this: mix 4 tablespoons of starch with 4 tablespoons. PVA glue, add a little bit of hand cream and glycerin, mix it all up. Put the mixture in the pan and stir until the mass turns into a thick homogeneous lump. Remove from heat and knead without letting cool. Part of the mass is colored by adding gouache and kneaded in black and brown. We leave a little bit of the mass not painted over, but paint the main part in light brown or orange. We sculpt the dog's muzzle.
 Magnet doggie from cold porcelain
For ears we make small droplets of brown color and glue with Pv glue.From the mass of white color sculpt bone.
 Magnet dog of cold porcelain
It only remains to blind legs and glue them.
Cold porcelain dog magnet
You can also make a cute cap for our puppy.

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