Collar Necklace

Recently, collars have become very popular necklaces. In this master class, I want to offer a simple and affordable way to create such a collar. We will not make it too festive, so it is great for the office, replacing the beads.
 You will need yarn for its manufacture

For its manufacture, you will need a yarn, ideally a cotton one, a hook of 2.5 and old beads or beads separately, as well as a needle with a wide eyelet.
hook 100 air loops
To begin with, we will tie the collar itself. To do this, we will hook up 100 air loops; check along your neck; you may need to make the chain larger. We knit two rows of columns with a crochet. Then we will begin to form a corner of the collar, for this the third row is knitting only 45 columns and turn around. To step back five loops, not provyazyvaya, but simply by dragging a loop.We knit three lifting loops and add the fourth row.
 stepping them in the opposite direction
 must be tied
5th and subsequent rows do the same. In each row, lowering at the end of 5 loops and stepping them in the opposite direction.
 need to be knit
 collar necklace
One side of the collar is ready, we only need to knit our steps by a series of columns without a nakida, thereby rounding the corners.
 collar necklace
additionally tied
When the row reaches the bottom, we begin to knit the second part of the collar to our first two rows, for this we back off from the first 10 loops, we make 3 lifting loops and we knit this part just like the first, by steps. After the completion of the second side, it should also be tied with one single crochet. Additionally, we make 3 air loops in the place where our collar is supposed to be fastened.This will be a loop.
additionally tied
 collar necklace
It seemed to me that the size was not very suitable, so I additionally bundled the whole product in two more rows with nakidom.
collar necklace
 sew AEM beads
Getting decoration. I found in my old beads that were still taped together with the thread, so it was not possible to remove the beads. We take a needle with a big eyelet, and instead of a thread we will use our yarn. We start to sew our beads around the edge. You can use a regular yarn per ton of yarn and individual beads of any size.  collar necklace
That's so easy we created our own collar necklace in which you can safely come to work or a festive Events.

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