Colonial style in the interior

Ceiling, wall and floor decoration

For this style in the decoration of the ceiling is characterized by the presence of wooden beams. They can have imitation "under the skin" with copper rivets, on the principle of finishing the ship's chest.

The walls are mostly plain yellow or brown. Such color unites all space into a single whole and acts as a background for the subsequent decor.

The floor in this interior is trimmed with stone or wood. If the floors are wooden, then use expensive breeds such as lapacho, oak or mahogany. Ceramic tiles or laminate are less commonly used.

Furniture and decor

The furniture used is soft, comfortable, inviting to rest. Maybe wicker, but also implying rest.

A bed for a bedroom is necessarily with a wooden or wrought-iron headboard, the presence of a canopy or a stand made of wood with a stretched canopy - as in Indian homes.

Modern technology is better to hide behind the doors of furniture, because it spoils the overall look of this style.

It is possible to decorate such an interior with paintings in massive frames, beautiful dishes from expensive materials or glass.A large number of mirrors and various decorative elements from other countries: figurines, masks, crafts, music of the wind.


This interior style assumes the presence of a large amount of light. In the morning and in the afternoon, as a rule, it is natural light, and in the evening it is various chandeliers, sconces.

The central place is occupied by a chandelier, it can be forged with lamps in the form of candles. In addition to it, various ceiling lamps, unusual African lamps with lampshades.

As a decorative lighting and creating a special situation you can use aroma lamps, candles, lamps.


A lot of textiles are used in the colonial style - these are curtains, carpets, bedspreads, blankets, pillows, upholstered furniture covers, canopies. The color scheme is used in two directions: if the Indian motifs, then it is the color of gold; if African motifs, the color is bright red, red, white and black with various geometric patterns.

Fabrics should be used only natural: cotton, silk, flax.

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