Colored glass for doors and windows - types, advantages, prices

In any window, and often a door product, most of the construction is glass. And to transform the interior of a room, you can use original ideas - choose not the usual clear glass, but decorative. So you can significantly improve the practical properties of your window or door and easily decorate the room without additional items and materials. What could be a decorative glass?


Recently, PVC windows in Minsk, made using Triplex technology, have become very popular. The basis in this case is taken several glass sheets, which are fused after applying the dyes into one. The result is a very aesthetic canvas, which can be applied to a simple pattern or a full-fledged artistic picture.

Beneficial parties:

  1. The unusual design of windows, doors.
  2. The ability to get a reflective effect without reducing the attractiveness of the facade or interior.
  3. Increased strength and durability - glass is almost impossible to break.
  4. Improved insulation and energy-saving properties due to the multi-layered structure of the canvas.

Tinted colored glass

The usual tinting is only protection from the sun's rays, which does not always look very presentable. But modern manufacturers of building materials have improved their technology, which made it possible to evaluate the new possibilities for decorating glasses through such a PVC film. Solutions are now available in various color combinations. The pattern can be applied with geometric shapes or lines to obtain an original and multifaceted picture, both from one and from two sides.

Beneficial parties:

  1. You can buy even the simplest PVC doors in Minsk, which through such decor will become more attractive, durable and reliable.
  2. Design variability - there are no restrictions on the number of shades or the complexity of the pattern.
  3. Additional protective film has a positive effect on the resistance of the material to any atmospheric precipitation and unfavorable factors indoors.
  4. Affordable price.
  5. High-quality protection from sunshine.

Mirror glass

Mirror canvases - a very interesting design option for windows and doors, aimed at putting emphasis on the modern style of the room. Shades of the outer coating can be different - gold, silver, blue, metallic. Get the effect by applying a powder of thin-layer deposition of metal particles.

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