Combine curtains and wallpaper correctly

It is easy to see that without the curtains the room looks uncomfortable, and with them it changes literally before our eyes. It is necessary to approach the choice of a window frame with special attention, because sometimes it plays the role of a style-forming element. Even if such a mission is not assigned to it, the curtains are still an integral part of the interior. It is very important to make a combination of curtains and wallpaper, because these two elements are closely interrelated and the dissonance between them will cause a violation of the integrity of the design.

Combination of gray and yellow colors

Solve the problem with color

One of the main questions that arise when creating a harmonious interior, is whether the wallpaper should match the color of the window framing. It is especially acute when making a bedroom. Choosingcurtains in the bedroomshould be extremely cautious, because in this room everything should look organic, otherwise you will have to forget about the full rest.

Peach wallpaper in the interior

Unity is the key to success

The main rule - in no case should the curtains merge with the walls, otherwise the interior will become flat. Of course, the overall tone of the design can be preserved and even necessary, but in this case the curtains should be darker or lighter than the wallpaper by 1-2 tones - a win-win. Thus, the unity of space is preserved, and the interior acquires the necessary volume. The only exception to the rule when the color of the walls and curtains can be exactly the same - use for decoration of two types of wallpaper. In the tone of one of them the window frame is chosen.

Peach wallpaper in the interior

Contrast - a sign of style

Contrast combination is also acceptable, but only under certain conditions:

  • the room is quite large;
  • the chosen stylistic direction allows play on contrasts;
  • in the interior there are other elements of the same colors.

As a rule, designers advise using trend combinations that have already proven their worth. For example, aquamarine and salmon color, olive and creamy tone, eggplant and lemon tint - these are the tandems that are popular this season. Although no one forbids creating their duets!

We select curtains for wallpaper

Neutrality is a universal solution

If you don’t like any of the above combinations, you can advise you to opt for curtains in neutral colors. Textiles in milky, white and beige shades will look harmoniously with the wallpaper of any color. In addition, neutral curtains never go out of fashion and look important in a variety of interiors.

Wallpaper Paisley

Solve a problem with a picture

The blinkers, however, like the wallpaper, need not be monotonous at all. On the contrary, prints are in fashion. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of patterns and patterns on wallpaper paintings and fabrics for window decoration. How to combine these materials?

Peach wallpaper in the interior

Geometrical Ornament

If one of the elements is decorated with geometric patterns, then there may be two options for the development of events:

  1. The second element should be monochromatic, and its color is selected on the basis of the colors available in the print.For example, if the blue wallpaper is decorated with orange zigzags, then the curtains can be orange or, respectively, blue.
  2. The second element is also selected with a geometric pattern. It is not necessary to combine rhombuses with rhombuses, stripes with stripes, etc. So, a print in a small square on the wall will balance the large circles on the window frame.

Wallpapers with a horizontal stripe and curtains with the same print but vertical layout look very interesting together.

The harmonious combination of wallpaper and curtains

Flower ornament

The floral pattern is always a success with the manufacturers, both wallpaper and textiles for windows. Both prints cannot completely coincide, but you can choose the “reverse” option, for example, black wallpapers with white colors should be added with white curtains with exactly the same colors, but black.

Again, an option is appropriate when an element with a pattern comes in a tandem with a single color. The principle of selection of colors in this case is exactly the same as in the situation with the geometric ornament. If two types of wallpaper are used, one of which is decorated with flowers, then the curtains can fully correspond to the printed part.

In general, when combining patterns on curtains and wallpaper, there is one win-win solution - to complement the element with a small and barely noticeable print companion with a rich and large pattern, but in the same color scheme.

Add a gloss

Now it is considered a very fashionable design technique to use curtains with the effect of gloss, metallic luster or mother-of-pearl shimmers in various interior styles. Remember that such an element necessarily needs support from the wall covering. That is, in the wallpaper should be something to justify this choice. It can be a shiny pattern, a metal effect border or a frieze with a pearl color.

Creating a harmonious tandem of curtains and wallpaper is a difficult but challenging task.

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