Communal apartment: to whom to pay, so as not to be left without electricity and water

The situation with double payments is dangerous because, having transferred money to the imposting firm, the tenants should remain for water, gas, heating. After all, it is the current management company that pays for the resource suppliers. But only after apartment owners pay it off. More often, double payment orders are received if one company serving the house was suspended from work by the decision of the meeting. Or she declared herself bankrupt. And it happens that for the shortcomings of the company and completely deprived of the license. Powers she folded, but continues to invoice. According to the law, the managing organization 30 days before the termination of the maintenance contract for the house must transfer the documents to the successor firm.

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The selected company proceeds with the management of the date set by the contract. If it is not registered in the document - no later than 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the management contract.

Having received two or more receipts, postpone payment. If you transfer money to the wrong person, it will be almost impossible to return it. Call both companies from which you received bills. Their phone numbers are indicated on the forms. Most likely, each organization will convince that it is it who services the house, and the other firm is a fake one. In this situation, there are several ways to solve the problem.

Option 1.You need to write to both companies a statement demanding to explain on what basis they are trying to take money from you. The fact is that a firm cannot just start managing a house. Owners of apartments must choose it. To this end, a meeting is held, and a majority decision is made. You only have to pay the organization with which the service contract is concluded. Thus it is necessary to check the details specified in the receipt.

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Option 2.You can contact the housing inspection and find out what organization and on what basis serves the house. Experts will check the documents of the meeting of owners and clarify whether there were no violations during the elections.If it turns out that the tenants did not vote at all, the local organization will hold a competition and appoint a management company.

Option 3.You can calculate impostors by calling directly to the suppliers of resources - gas and water. They will say there is a contract with a management company at the moment. Perhaps, after your call, the suppliers of light, gas and water themselves will begin to understand the situation, because they risk being left without money.

Option 4.With a written statement it makes sense to contact the prosecutor's office. Under the Housing Code, only one organization can manage a house. So impostors are automatically breaking the law. A criminal case under the article “Fraud” may be initiated against them.

Linden bills can put fraudsters. They have no firm at all. The attackers put fake receipts in boxes. Therefore, before paying you need to check the name of the company (it may be similar to the name of the present managing organization). Specify the details for which they are asked to transfer money.

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