Congratulate seasoned sea wolves on the Day of the Navy

The navy of the country is a bright symbol of its power, a strong and reliable support of the state. These are armed forces that not only conduct military operations in the oceans and protect the outer maritime borders, but also protect peace and tranquility on the expanses of water and coasts within the country itself. A sailor is always a man with a heroic biography. Generations of sailors with their courage and dedication glorified Russia and made a great maritime power. And it would be surprising if people of such a significant profession did not have their professional holiday.

All Russians know when the day of the Russian Navy, this is the last Sunday of July. The holiday is always quite large scale. On this day, naval parades and festivals, various competitions and military sports competitions on the water are held. Sailors are honored, they are handed them well-deserved awards and regular titles. On the military courts of various fleets of the country, they organize “open door days” and conduct excursions for civilians.Accidentally or not, this day is also used to mark the Day of Neptune, the god of the seas, which is usually arranged for the traditional water procedures of “baptism of newcomers.”

First of all, the Day of the Navy of Russia is a celebration of valiant men, people of high honor and dignity. Sailors - courageous, strong-willed, brave people. Their service is associated with a large number of dangers, hardships and difficulties. Therefore, on such a day, they, more than anyone else, are in need of encouraging words, words of respect and admiration, words of support from their friends, colleagues and loved ones. For a person of such a profession it is very important to feel and know that he is valued, loved and waited on the shore, that his work is important and necessary for every citizen of the country: men and women, adults and children.

Find the right words, pick up in advance the soulful and funny congratulations on the Navy Day in the verses for the sailor, thank him for his strength of character, for his concern for the world, tell me about your feelings. Often, in different tense situations, sailors are saved precisely by a sense of humor. Therefore, for the most part, they are cheerful, good-natured people. Congratulations with a twist, with a bit of a joke, will be necessarily appreciated by them.

Although warships are clearly not ships with scarlet sails, nevertheless, the sea and romance are inseparable concepts. Decorate your * congratulations on the Day of the Navy * a bit of romanticism. A little sentimentality in such a serious holiday will not prevent even experienced sea wolves.

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