Arrangement of foundations of buildings by installing piles

In the construction of buildings for various purposes today foundations pile foundations, providing high quality construction activities. Pile foundations are relevant when working on soils of varying complexity, including weak, bulk, swelling, permafrost and underworking areas. The use of pile-type foundations can significantly reduce the time for work, because we need minimal measures with the ground, and save money on construction.

The advantage of using foundations with piles

In various types of construction, the use of pile foundations offers considerable advantages compared with the use of foundations on a regular basis. You can name the following benefits:

  • the opportunity to reduce labor costs for the construction of the foundation;
  • the minimum time spent on performing construction work
  • a decrease in the volume of concrete mixes and concrete spent on the arrangement of concrete by 25-90%;
  • 75-80 percent reduction in transportation costs;
  • Reduce the likelihood of precipitation of buildings and buildings approximately doubled;
  • the ability to perform work on construction in any temperature mode at a high quality level
  • reduction of costs for the implementation of the construction project - 15-20%.

Pile foundation application

When performing construction work of the zero cycle, the foundation of this type is used during the construction of buildings for various purposes and heights. Installation of piles when laying the foundation in many cases is the best option for the construction of multi-storey residential buildings. You can get acquainted with various options for the construction of foundations of this type from the photographs presented on the website page

The company "Geostroy" specializes in the installation of piles and strengthening the foundations of buildings for various purposes. When working on certain types of soil, this type of foundation is a reasonable solution, since it makes it possible to avoid settling,which in turn ensures the safety and long life of the buildings. Piles are widely used in arranging the foundations of civil and industrial buildings, in the construction of piers, embankments, bridges, etc. When erecting pillar foundations for prefabricated buildings, short piles are used. Of the various materials, reinforced concrete driven piles are most often used. Their installation is carried out by several methods: striking with a hammer, with the help of vibration created by special immersions, pressing into the ground. Now various types of piles are used. If we talk about fairly weak soils of large thickness, located in seismic areas and with large horizontal, pulling, vertical loads, in this case, experts recommend the use of tubular piles and pile-shells. They have proven themselves on the best side, because they are reliable. Also widely used piles with expansion at the end of the trunk. They are the best option in cases where there are strata of soil beneath weak soils.The recess at the end of this type of pile provides a high bearing capacity. Reinforced reinforced concrete piles are the most reliable. The use of high-tech equipment allows you to install piles in a short time. At the same time, the quality of work will always be on top.

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