Cord and Bead Bracelet

Making acord and bead braceletin just a few steps, you can weave a lot of such bracelets in a short time. A great master class for sharing creativity with children, as well as a great way to practice before weaving more complex bead bracelets.

Materials and tools:

  1. cord
  2. beads;
  3. clear nail polish;
  4. coin with a hole;
  5. scissors;
  6. two needles and a thin thread (better if the thread is about the same color as the beads).

Step 1

Take the cord, fold it in half. Having retreated from above 2 cm, we tied a knot - it turned out a loop fastener.

We cut the thread with a length 2 times longer than the cord, threading it into a needle. Needle pass through two cords close to the knot. Remove the needle, align the ends of the thread - they must be the same length. Thread the ends of the thread through two needles (each end will have its own needle).

At the end of the step, we will smear the knot with transparent varnish.

Step 2

Getting started weaving.

Take one end of the thread with the needle, pass the needle through one cord (for example, right), thread the desired number of beads and pass through another cord, for example, left) - 1 row.

Now take the other end of the thread with the needle and pass the needle through 1 row, only in the opposite direction: the left cord, through the beads and the right cord.

That's it. The first row of the bracelet is ready. After each row, the ends of the thread must be on the opposing sides.

Repeating this, we continue the weave until the bracelet is the right size.

The code is finished with the weaving of the inner part, we tie the cords into a knot. We pass through a knot of needles, we connect the ends of a thread to a bundle and cut off the extra ones. We also lightly cover the unit with varnish.

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