Cork Business Card Holder

Materials and tools:

  1. wine corks;
  2. pliers;
  3. grinder;
  4. hacksaw;
  5. vice.

Step 1

First, in order for the cork holder to be firmly on the table, it is necessary to grind off the cork on one side. For convenience, look at the scheme in the photo Step 1.3-1.4.

To do this, we tighten the plug in the pliers, turn on the grinder and apply a plug to it.

We repeat the same with all traffic jams.

Step 2

Clamp the cork in a vise so as not to bruise the cork using two wooden boards. To make it easier to do the cut at an angle, first prepare a board with an inclined surface. General view of the photo Step 2.

Using a hacksaw, we cut in a cork about 5 mm deep. The hacksaw is kept perpendicular. We repeat the same thing with the rest of the traffic jams.

All,The holder for business cards or personal cards from the corkis ready.

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