Corn sticks - only good!

Two centuries ago, corn sticks were loved by everyone, without exception, and this happened quite by accident. Cooks in one of the US states made cornmeal muffins, but someone did not follow, and the dough was slightly burnt. The enterprising cooks did not throw it away, but decided to let it go through a raskatochny press, thinking what the layers would do. For some reason they got not thin dough, but lush flakes. These flakes began to be offered to customers as a separate dish. The dish was a success and soon a patent was obtained for the technology.

In our country, even before World War II, the food factory in the capital began to produce corn products, and before the war they began to be made in Ukraine, where there was always a lot of corn. Later, Khrushchev, who actively implemented the processing technology for corn, ordered the development of his production technology, which he soon did. After the factories for the production of flakes began to open across the country.

Crispy corn sticks are a very useful product, but in small quantities.Corn kernels contain protein, and also the mass of useful microelements and vitamins. They perfectly satisfy hunger, they do not spoil for a long time. They can take with you on the road or throw in the glove box of the car, just in case. Previously, chopsticks were made only sweet, and now salty ones have appeared, for example, with the taste of bacon, melted cheese or smoked cheese.

Already in recent decades, cooking recipes began to appear, mostly desserts, based on corn sticks. For example, even a child can easily make airy cakes, for which it is necessary to buy corn sticks, as well as almonds, cook condensed milk. Almonds should be scalded and cleaned, and chopsticks chopped in a mortar and mixed with condensed milk. From the resulting mass to form a small round cakes, into which to put one nut. Balls can be rolled in crumbs from shortbread cookies, sugar with cocoa or coconut shavings. It remains only to cool the delicious - and the dessert is ready. Quick and very tasty!

Today, corn sticks, as well as snacks, are very popular as a quick snack. After all, you can satisfy hunger on the go by buying a portioned pack.Delicious, crunchy, melting in the mouth - this is a popular snack for fans to sit in front of the TV and something to chew.

To see if you have bought a quality product, pay attention to the surface of the rods, which should be uniformly porous. The lighter the sticks, the less dyes in them.

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