Cornelia Mango has bragged sumptuous tan and breasts

Good as a ripe watermelon!

“The mood is super!” - concisely signed a picture in Instagram beauty. And he, we admit, cheers up and to all of us. An even saturated tan, rich swimsuit color, and what forms are hidden under it, you can see for yourself. Well done, Cornelia!

Oh la la!
Photo: @korneliamango

And if you wish, you can see all this beauty in person, and not only on the social network: judging by the geotag, the singer spends the first days of August not on the foreign seas, but in the Crimea. The celebrity has already managed to visit the picturesque cape Fiolent, in Yevpatoria’s favorite place of children's recreation, as well as many other places. And not just to visit, but to share with subscribers interesting and useful observations.

Here you have another reason to choose Crimea this August: there are girls on the beaches there
Photo: @korneliamango

“Having visited the southern coast of the Crimea, I realized one thing! Where beautiful mountains, not always clear water! And the approach to the beach is very difficult and thorny, - notes the traveler Mango.- Only for young and sports in Sevastopol amber beach with a very steep descent! But in Balaclava they found only the city beach right in the bay where the yachts go.

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