Corrugated paper flower tree

A very long time ago, in ancient times, people began to master the art of creating flowers from paper. They decorated housing, gave each other, and in the mid-18th century in European countries paper flowers were used to decorate temples. A little later, whole plants appeared to make them. Flowers adorn our lives, especially happy when they live forever. How? If they are out of paper. Such a bouquet is inferior to a living one, just a lack of flavor. Paper flowers can make your family and friends happy or just decorate your home. Make bouquets, make panels or beautiful flower trees with your own hands, it's so easy! But this also needs to be learned, so you need to start with a simple one. For example from a flower tree. So how to make a flower tree? You will need: • Corrugated paper, the color that you would like your flowers to be and green paper.• Plastic bottle with a bottom diameter10-15 cm • Soft wire 1.5 m • Pencil • A4-1 paper sheet • • Glue • • Scissors
 Corrugated paper flower tree To begin, cut the bottom from the bottle to get a container about 5 cm high.
 Corrugated paper flower tree
Run in the center Capacity 1cm diameter hole.
 Corrugated paper flower tree Now take a pencil, and using it as a rod, wrap it in paper. You got a tube made of paper. Pull out the pencil. We have a future tree trunk.  Corrugated paper flower tree
 Flower tree made of corrugated paper
Take a wire and turn the trunk tight in a spiral. We fix it.
Flower corrugated paper tree
The most important part is the production of flowers. Cut a strip 8-10 cm wide and 20-30 centimeters long. Stretch it a little. Fold the upper left corner, then again ...
 Flower tree made of corrugated paper
Now proceed to the more complex part ... That part, which you have bent the second time, take two fingers in the middle, with your other hand, grab the part a little to the right and twirl the paper in the form of a candy wrapper from a candy, fasten. Now move the fingers of your left hand to the fold and hold it until you use the fingers of your right hand to bend the paper, as described above. So continue on.
Flower tree made of corrugated paper
Roll up the resulting billet in the form of a rose, straighten the petals and fasten the base with wire, leaving 5 cm more in stock.
Flower tree made of corrugated paper
Attaching a rosette to the end of the manufactured stem.
 Flower tree made of corrugated paper
We produce such an amount of roses,so that the ball eventually turns out.
Flower tree made of corrugated paper
Now we take the green paper, grease it and wrap the bottom of the roll with it. A floral tree made of corrugated paper

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