Cottage Cheese Pudding with Tangerines

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Cottage cheese (0% fat)400 gramschicken egg1 pieceYogurt125 millilitersButter (+ lubricate the form)100 grams1 pinchPowdered sugar80 gramsCinnamon80 gramsVanilla extract2-3 dropsTangerines2 pieces)Semolina4 tbsp.Breadcrumbs2 tbsp.
For filing
fresh mint
  • Servings:

At first it may seem that cheesecake pudding is boring. But is ready to debunk this myth. In this recipe, aphrodisiacs are almost imperceptible to the eye, but quite palpable for taste. Mint, vanilla and cinnamon - for girls the most!


Mash a low-fat cottage cheese with a fork, rub it through a sieve for a smoother and velor effect.

Tangerines disassembled into slices, remove films and stones.

Beat yogurt, powdered sugar and eggs into a fluffy mass.

Combine cottage cheese, tangerine slices in a working bowl, add a pinch of salt and semolina - mix until the ingredients are fully combined.

Melt the butter, cool, pour into the pudding - season with vanilla extract and ground cinnamon, mix again.

Smear portions of ceramic ramekins with butter, powder with breadcrumbs. Spread a lot of cottage cheese pudding into molds, put them into a baking sheet, pour 2/3 of boiling water and cook pudding in a water bath in an oven heated to 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Serve ready curd pudding with tangerines hot or cold. When serving, decorate with fresh mint.

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