Coupe doors for a dressing room with their own hands

Coupe doors for dressing room

Previously, this niche had a built-in wardrobe with doors that looked very cheap. There was always a desire to establish something more decent. Studying the prices for the ready-made coupe doors, upset me, they were too expensive. I decided to make such doors on my own. What came out of it, I will tell you in this article.

I assembled the doors completely by myself, using simple tools and a special device called Kreg Jig. Kreg Jig is essentially a jig that can be drilled at an angle. I was given this conductor for my birthday. In the article, I will also show you how you can use a jig to drill at an angle. I was satisfied, the jig is easy to use, and the result looks professional.

Stage 1: Planning

It has been about a year since I did and installed these doors, so I didn’t have the original drawing and cannot show it to you. So just describe the process of preparation.

I measured the width and height of the doorway to the dressing room, drew his sketch.In order for the two sliding doors to overlap, it is necessary to determine the middle of the opening and draw it on the sketch. Now it is necessary to determine the width of the board that you will use to make the doors. I bought a board called an aspen shelf. For the lower horizontal lintels, I used the entire width of the board, for vertical posts I cut the boards along. Now, in order to determine the width of the door, доски the width of the board, i.e. half of half. This guarantees us the necessary overlap of the two doors. In fact, this was not ideal, as the opening itself turned out to be crooked.

In the middle of the door you can make almost any drawing. I chose the design so that it resembled the Japanese screen "Shoji" (shoji) that we had in the bedroom. Used to fill the usual cellular polycarbonate. Now it is sold in almost any building hypermarket. This material passes light, but at the same time it is not so transparent that your things in a case were visible. Compared to ordinary glass, cellular polycarbonate is very light, easy to use and looks great, especially if you make the interior lighting.

List of materials

  • Board
  • Cellular Polycarbonate
  • Sliding door mechanism
  • Self tapping screws

Tool list

  • Roulette
  • Square
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Craig Jig
  • Knife
  • A circular saw
  • Pendulum saw (trimming)

Stage 2: We assemble the frame

Door frame

Conductor for drilling at an angle 1

Conductor for drilling at an angle of 2

Conductor for drilling at an angle of 3

Conductor for drilling at an angle of 4

Holes at an angle


Angle assembly

Now the fun begins. The conductor I mentioned earlier plays the main role. The kit includes the necessary clips and screws, but few of them will therefore have to be purchased. The screws in the kit have a special head, so it is also included in the kit. I will not write detailed instructions on the use of Kreg Jig, everything can be seen in the photos. I will leave only a few notes.

Assembling the frame, it is better not to do on the floor, as I did. Since the bars can move relative to each other and eventually the frame will be deformed. It is better that the angle you are working on hang from the table. The boards will lie in the same plane and, after alignment with the square, you can twist them. It is very important to withstand a right angle!

Stage 3: Installation of the compartment door

Sliding door guide


Movie 2

I bought a set for sliding doors in the near construction hypermarket. The kit included an upper rail and 4 adjustable outboard rollers.

Mark and drill holes in the opening for fixing the guide.

To fasten the rollers, you need to retreat from the edge of the door for some distance, if it is not indicated in the instructions, then consider how much it will be enough to evenly distribute the weight of the door.

The kit also included a lower guide so that the doors did not swing, but I still have not used it. If you use it, it is not always necessary to fasten it to the floor, it may be enough to fix it on a double-sided tape, if you want to change something in the future.

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