Couture manicure: 15 cool nail design ideas

We represent an exclusive project - Kistochki for Shapurin.

Network studios manicure and pedicureKistochkiteamed up with famous Russian designer Igor Chapurin for a unique project. It is based on the work of the St. Petersburg art-team Kistochki on the creation of a design manicure for models of a fashion show, which took place in St. Petersburg on the last day of spring.

At the fashion show, Сhapurin presented a new collection Great Lakes (Great Lakes), autumn - winter 2018–19. The Chapurin brand was founded 20 years ago by Russian couturier Igor Chapurin - a fashion designer whose name is well-known on the world fashion scene, and fashionable images are popular among world-famous stars and celebrities.

Designer Igor Chapurin and his models
Photo: Kistochki

The inspiration for nail design was the idea of ​​the collection, colors and textures.

“Manicure is an extremely important element of any fashionable image,” representatives of the fashion house Chapurin are confident.

Chapurin fashion show with the support of Kistochki was held in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, as part of the premiere project Podium Seasons.The new fashion project united fashion and beauty in the context of current trends and leading representatives of the industries: fashion designers, fashion brands, main opinion leaders and connoisseurs, beauty and style experts, top bloggers and media, famous cultural, art and business figures. elite of the two capitals.

In the main part of Podium Seasons - Igor Chapurin's show. Female models defiled before the public, presenting clothes and accessories from the new collection, in combination with an absolutely unique nail-design - individually for each girl.

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