Cozy Cat House

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We create our own property for the pet

If you decide to have a pet, namely a cat, you should think in advance about his place to sleep and, of course, about where he will stick his sharp claws.

To do this, we will make a house for a cat with our own hands. All cats love to play and relax, so you should consider this when creating a house.

You should pay attention to the stability of the structure, if the cat gets frightened when it pulls out its new house, you can no longer hope that it will sleep there next time.

The size of the house should be such that your pet can freely stretch, roll over and comfortably spill.

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How to make a house for a cat with your own hands?


  • First, determine what size the cushion will be in the suitcase.
  • We cut out the fabric cushion elements and sew them together, then we fill it with padding polyester.
  • Print out the pictures and paste them to the inside of the lid of the suitcase.
  • We undertake the legs (they can be purchased in specialized stores or taken from old furniture). Gently glue to the suitcase.

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