Handicraft case

The needlewoman always needs different sizes of boxes, boxes, and a case for storing knitting needles or paper for quilling.
 case for needlework
For manufacture Such a case will require: - a bamboo napkin (40 x 35); - scissors; - instant glue; - 2 covers from plastic cans; - decorative tape.
For the manufacture of the case
On the inside of the lid, mark the desired napkin length, add the seam allowance.
 mark the desired length
Expand napkin, cut off the excess.
 cut off the excess
With instant glue to glue the seams along the cut edge so that they do not break.
 glue the seams
Glue the bamboo napkin into the cylinder.
 Glue the bamboo napkin
Below the finished band to glue the decorative tape over edges on both sidescylinder.
tapes paste
The edges of the decorative braid neatly tucked. gently tuck in
Glue the plastic cover to cylinder on one side.
 Glue the plastic cap
Close the case with the second lid.
Close case
Now in this case you can store knitting needles or paper for quilling.  you can store spokes
 store spokes or paper
 case for needlework

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