Paper Lark Crafts

One of the first birds returning from warmer cliffs is the lark. This is his melodic singing spread far over the expanses of meadows and fields, reviving them. Crafts will help children to get acquainted with this bird better. The lark, made of colored paper and cardboard with its own hands, will become a real character for the children, and therefore it will be very well remembered.

Making a lark from paper

Making a lark from paper

The craft “lark” of paper will be quite capable of kindergarten children. To make it, you will need:

golden and brown cardboard;

white heavy paper;

black marker;



a strong enough thread,

a clerical glue and a flat brush.

Let's go.

First of all, we add a sheet of brown cardboard in half.

Half folded cardboard
We glue

We glue

Take a sheet of golden cardboard.

 Paper sheet

Paper sheet

Add it to the accordion. This is quite a difficult task, because it requires a certain dexterity and strength of the fingers. If the kids don’t manage to cope with it, they will need help.

 We fold the harmonica

We fold the harmonica

We harmonize the harmonica in the middle.


We cut

In this incision we place the lark's body, glue it to the extreme strips of the accordion.

 Hanging up Place the bird body into the cut

Insert the bird body into the cut

Lubricate the bottom of the remaining strips with glue, press them together.

Apply glue

Apply glue

We have a magnificent tail.

 We glue the tail

We glue the tail

In the center of the body we make a small horizontal slot.

 Making a cut in the case

Making a cut in the case

Take another sheet of golden cardboard.

 A long sheet of paper

A long sheet paper

Again we fold it into an accordion.

 Fold the accordion

Fold the accordion

This accordion we pass through the slot made earlier, making sure that the lark's body is located exactly in its center.

 Insert the accordion into the cut

put an accordion in the cut

Draw a marker or scoop out black plasticine eyes.

 Eye of the bird

Eye of the bird

We open the wings, preparing the bird for flight.

Spread the wings

Spread our wings

From white paper, we cut six narrowed strips from one end that will decorate our singer. We glue the strips at the level of his neck.

Glue"feathers" out of paper

Glue" feathers "out of paper

The bird is almost ready.

 Paper Crane

Paper Crane

Attach a thread to it.

Hanging a Crane

Suspend crane

We hang up a lark to create the illusion of flight.

 Spring crafts - crane

Spring crafts - crane

Crafts on the "Lark" is ready!

Such a small lark is a craft that will fill the space of any room and remind you that spring days will soon turn into hot, saturated with delightful singing birds, summer.

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