Crafts for Easter from ice cream sticks

The approaching Easter Sunday is an excellent occasion to start making interesting crafts with your child. Use unusual materials for this, and you will certainly get a lot of new impressions and positive emotions!

For example, you can make crafts for Easter from ice cream sticks.

Crafts for Easter from ice cream sticks

It is always a pity to throw these sticks away - so much they attract with their appearance and pleasant to the touch texture. Therefore, ice cream lovers will be useful to learn how to turn sticks into original products.

What can be useful for this?

First of all, good glue is PVA or polymer.

Secondly - paint and brush. Acrylic dyes and gouache fit a tree well, watercolor paints it a little worse.

And thirdly, you will need all the decorative elements you will find at home.It can be ready-made figures for applications, unusual buttons, toy eyes, rhinestones, beads, and much more.

 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

From several (five-six) sticks you can glue together a beautiful hedge.




We decorate the fence with Easter figures

Flowers, rabbit and eggs can be used as decoration.

Flowers and bunny

Flowers and bunnies

You can make the figures yourself, using foam board, felt, any mass for modeling and even ordinary colored paper.

You can place the figures in different ways on the hedge - not only at the bottom of it, but also at the top.

Easter decoration

Easter decoration

Crafts for Easter

Crafts for Easter

If you had time to dig up more sticks, you can make simple Easter souvenirs from them.

For this, a row of vertical rods is fixed on the reverse side with transverse strips to create a canvas. It is painted in the desired color (for example, white or yellow) and is complemented by various paper details - for example, bunny ears or wings with legs.

 We glue from the sticks the basis for crafts We glue the basis for handicrafts from sticks

It turns out a funny Easter bunny and a cute chicken!

 We glue to under Christmas trees paper details

Glue paper objects to crafts

If there are not so many sticks at your disposal, you can stick them on the edges of the cardboard base .

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