The game of preschoolers is the theme of our today's occupation. We'll talk a little about educating children at home, about the importance of making manuals themselves and, finally, we will make covers on velcro! Very cheap, simple and cognitive!

Teaching children at any stage will only be successful if it improves the qualities and skills that have been poorly developed to date. And first of all, this must be taken into account in relation to such a group, which is usually called domesticated children.

 Handmade from the lids


An interesting benefit, with the help of which developers develop such a quality, as the fine motor skills of the game with their own hands is very simple. To do this, you will need different sizes of lids from various plastic cans or disposable colored plates, as well as Velcro for clothes, sold in any store with sewing accessories.

Preschoolers play

Play preschoolers

Glue the covers to the covers - and the useful toy is ready! Now the kid will be able to collect multicolored circles at his discretion, sticking them to each other. And if you fix a soft fabric on a blackboard or wall, you can sculpt covers with velcroes directly to it.

 Play for preschoolers 1

The game of preschoolers 1

The process is very popular with the children, they with great pleasure stick the stickies and tear them away from each other again.

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