We create pearl lace earrings: two variants of embodiment

The author: Galina Dietrich.

Today we will create pearl lace earrings in two versions: with oval and round Swarovski crystals. It would seem that there should be no difference, but because of the shape of the change in the scheme is significant, so I post both options.

Materials and tools:

  1. Beads round Miyuki 15/0 and Miyuki 11/0.
  2. Beads Delica 11/0.
  3. Swarovski Ovals 14x10 or Rivoli 14mm (for the version with round crystals).
  4. Pearls Swarovski 4 mm.
  5. Swarovski pearl 3 mm.
  6. Bicone Swarovski 4 mm.
  7. Charlotte 15/0 (optional).
  8. Earrings
  9. Threads and needles.

Let's start with earrings with oval crystals.

1. We thread both ends of the thread into a needle and tie the knots at each end, at this point relative to their needles and leave them not to slip through the hole of the bead needle. This is my method of starting weaving, when something needs to be closed in a circle and you don't want to mess around with the tails. If you are used to closing the circle in a different way - there are no problems, it will not affect the appearance of the earrings.

2. Typing32beadsDelica(I have a DB-21). We form a loop and tighten.

3.We weave a series of mosaic weaving (one delicately through one):

4.We take round beads 15/0 (I have Miyuki 961) and weave another row in mosaic weaving, do not forget to tighten the thread.

5.Add the last row of the spot. Shrink as weave.

6. We put a crystal in a beaded frame (I have a Swarovski Oval 14x10 mm in the color of Light Turquoise). The arrows indicate the vertical axis, this is how beads should be placed in the braid, this is important for the symmetry of the openwork braiding of the element.

7. We translate the thread on the wrong side and weave two rows with a tag (Miyuki 190).

8. To protect the underside of the crystal, we add a pair of beaded arches. The arch consists of the following set of beads: 4 Miyuki 15/0 beads, one Miyuki 11/0 bead, and another 4 Miyuki 15/0 (color number 190).

9. We make the second arch symmetrically, on the other hand, from the same set of beads, only 11/0 bead is the same in both arches:

10. We translate the thread on the central line of delicacy (in the photo it was highlighted in blue):

11. Through one bead of the central row, we make beaded bridges (arches) from a silver patch. In the photo, the numbers show how many beads are in each arch.

12. Through the tops of the previous arches we add a set of new arches: one or two tags, one pearl 4 mm, and another one or two tags.The number of tag beads added in a particular arch can be seen in the photo (highlighted in blue):

The red color in the photo highlights the peaks in which the thread needs to be carried through three beads at once, instead of one:

We get the following result:

13. We add one more row from arches: arches consist of a bead of a spot, a pearl of 3 mm and one more spot. All the arches, except the upper and lower, start out of the pearl of the previous row, and enter the neighboring pearl. And in the case of the upper arches, we exit the pearl and enter the bead next to the highest pearl (this moment is in the photo).

14.The last row - we decorate with bead bridges of pearls 4 mm (the connection goes through tags around the pearls, and not through the pearls themselves):

The figures in the photo indicate the number of beads of the spot in the beaded arch of the last row, we do not make an arch at the top:

15.The oval element is ready, go to the upper tier earrings:

  • Again we use the double thread method, see item 1. Typing6 Delica beadsandbicone swarovski(4 mm Light Turquoise).
  • Thread the needle with the thread in the eyelet and tighten.
  • Recruiting more6 Delica beadsand pass the needle into the last trick of the first set of beads.Tighten the thread.

16.Making a bead:

  • Add as inp. 3mosaic weaving another row of deli. Then one row of beadsSize 15at both sides.
  • We leave in the central row of beadsDelicaand decorate the bead with teeth3 beads.

17.We add arches (one tag, 3mm pearl, one more tag) through the tops of the previous teeth:

18.We combine the two elements as follows: the thread comes out of the pearls of the upper tier, the tag beads are picked up, and enters the pearl of the oval element, repeat symmetrically on the other side, and constrict:

19.I additionally decorated the top element with teeth, consisting of one bead tag (in the photo highlighted in blue). Half of these spots were added in the previous step in the course of the thread (red arrow). The second half of the beads is added after the elements are connected in the course of the upward movement of the thread. The thread is removed from the top pearls:

20.We make an arch of pearls in a pearl: tag, bicone 4 mm and another speck:

21.Optional, but desirable moment: In order for the lower connection of elements to be better fixed (not rotate around its axis), I add Charlotte 15/0 one bead (symmetrically on both sides), the usual tag was large for this gap:

22.We weave the upper tier of the earring and connect it with the middle tier through the bicone and two spots:

23.Attach the earring with a loop of two 15/0 beads (highlighted in blue) and two 11/0 beads (highlighted in red). We pass through the loop two or three times. Thoroughly we entangle the thread in a mosaic braid and cut it off.

Earrings with oval crystals are ready:

Moving on to round crystals, the algorithm, fortunately, will be much easier, I will describe its main points:

2.1. We braid rivoli 14 mm (base row - 36 Delica beads).

2.2.Reverse: after two mosaic rows of tag, add a row of beaded arches of gold color from 5 spots, a row of black arches of three spots, and the last row of golden spots (one between the tops of the previous arches).

2.3.In the center row of the Delica, we add golden arches with 5 beads each of them:

2.4.Through the tops of the previous arches are new: two spots, a pearl of 4 mm, two spots:

2.5.Next row. Arches go from a pearl to a pearl: one tag, a pearl 3 mm, one tag:

2.6.Last row: arches of five gold beads tag over pearls 4mm (arches go through tag, and not through pearls).

With a round element we get the following variants of pearl lace earrings:

Ugh, that's all :) I would be glad if everything is clear.

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