Creating an interior as a dream of comfort and coziness

Cozy and comfortable home, reflecting the individuality of the inhabitants - the dream of many. Embodying his desires for creating an interior, the owner of the house starts from his preferences, individual taste and life experience. Focusing on your needs, habits, taste, having studied current trends, you can create a functional and unique image of your home. The optimal interior of the apartment, combining comfort and functionality, is thought out taking into account the nature of the inhabitants of the house, psychological characteristics, needs and style preferences. How to navigate the sea of ​​different directions in the world of interior design and find a single solution?

A variety of styles in the design of housing

According to psychologists, the criteria for our choice of style at home, interest in a particular color scheme are laid in childhood.Images that fill the subconscious, experience, colorful details of the interior, seen in travels - all this affects the whole picture of the future home, which you want to make into reality. Modern styles of apartment interiors make it possible to realize the most incredible dream. Consider the main areas of interior design: • Classic • • Modern style • High-tech • Japanese style • • Country • Loft

Classic Style

Classics in the interior is the embodiment of elegance and harmony with the world. This style was born in the Renaissance and was distinguished by the magnificence of the furnishings, the luxury of accessories and the sophistication of the finishes created by ancient masters. In the modern art of design, the style has undergone certain changes and is characterized by the following aspects: • Massive furniture and high-quality finishes • Unconditional quality of the materials used • • Clear symmetry and strict structuring of the decor • The presence of paintings, sculptures, made professionals • Visible luxury in combination with moderation In the classical version of design spacious rooms.The classics in the interior implies dimensional furniture, heavy curtains, decorative columns, crystal chandeliers and gilded antique lamps. The floor is covered with parquet, the walls are covered with fabric wallpaper, and the stucco moldings, sockets and art paintings are used in the design of the ceiling.

Japanese style

This interior style is fascinating, creates a peaceful mood. Imagination draws a mysterious east, filled with the sweet scent of blossoming sakura. Thinking through the design of apartments, you can stay on this image. The basic laws of Japanese brevity: • Minimalism - a limited amount of furniture and things • Natural materials • Contrast of floor and furniture • Partitions with gaps from rice paper • Matte shades The basis Japanese-style compositions are a low wide table on sturdy thick legs, squat seats, floor lined with special tatami or mats. Sliding partitions and a niche-tokonom are required, in which individual decorations are placed - a unique statuette, a vase or ikebana. All necessary things are carefully hidden behind the panels of built-in wardrobes.The decoration is dominated by calm natural colors - pale beige, pistachio green, light coffee.

Thus, taking into account all desires, features of each style, it is possible to create an interior for a dream in which everyone will be happy, comfortable and comfortable.

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