Creative Drop Night Light

Creative Night Light Drop
Good day to all, in this article I will tell you how to make a creative night light "drop" with your own hands from improvised means. You can make such a beautiful nightlight, having a minimum of materials and following the instructions. Materials and tools: - A small section of the board; - Valve with an adapter valve; - Glue gun; - silicone sealant; - LED of any color (in this case green); - lithium batteries; - several wires; - soldering iron; - rubber medical glove;- pressure switch.
 Creative night light Drop
Manufacturing description: Step 1: Making a" drop ". To make a drop, we cut off one of the fingers from the medical glove and fill it with silicone sealant. While he is not frozen. We form a drop and leave it to dry, fixing it in a suspended state on clothespins.

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