Knitting crochet snowflakes

A knitted snowflake will take a worthy place in the New Year's interior of any apartment. It can be hung under a chandelier or on a window, and also used as a Christmas-tree toy. Tie a snowflake under the power of any needlewoman. Even if you first took the hook in your hands, you must be able to create such a delightful snowflake. Follow the detailed instructions and stick with a fairly simple knitting scheme. Good luck to you. Legend: Air loop - VP A column with a crochet - st with / n. A column without nakida - st b / n.
snowflake pattern
1. Tie a chain of 6 air loops.
 Link a chain
2. Connect into a ring.
 Connect to a ring
3. Next, you need to make 2 lifting loops and knit 2 tables with / N.
 make 2 loops
4. Then we repeat this combination. 3 v.p. and 3 st s / n.It’s not such a flower yet.
 such a flower
5. We send 3 st c / n into the arch from the air loops of the previous row. Next, you need to make a chain of 8 bp. In order not to get confused, skip the colored thread here. Thus, you will mark the place where it will be necessary to connect the chain.
6. Making another 6 vp and connect just the loop that we marked with a color tag.
 Doing another 6
7. Knit 7 vp and end with 3 st s / n in the same arch. Repeat until the end of the circle.
8. The result is such a star.
 it turns out that such a star
9. Make 3 st b / n. Next on the scheme we tie each ray of snowflakes. We knit 7 st b / n and 4 vp then 5 st b / n. We continue to knit already in the eyelet, do 2 Art b / n and 6 vp Repeat until you get four petals. Then we knit 5 art b / n and 4 ce. we finish 7 items b / n. Thus we tie each of the six rays.
 we tie each ray of snowflakes
10.Finish knitting and hide the thread.
 hide the thread
11. It turns out such a snowflake.
 Master class for crochet knitting snowflakes
In order for the snowflake to keep its shape, you can starch it or fix it with concentrated sugar syrup . Alternatively, diluted pva glue can be used.

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