Crochet dress with American armhole

We knit aCrochet dress with an American armhole.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 250m / 75gr) 700 grams of mustard color;
  2. hook number 2.


Size: 36/38

Pattern Description

Knitting description

Back / front

We knit a chain of 116 up. n. and knit pattern on the scheme. At a height of 38 cm, we add on both sides 1/2 rapport and continue knitting. At a height of 80 cm from the typesetting edge for armholes close on both sides in each 10th row of 1 rapport. Run straps 5 loops in width each, knit art. 6 / n 11 cm and finish knitting.


We strip off the parts, we perform all the seams, leaving incisions 38 cm high not stitched from the sides.

The neck, straps and armholes are tied with 2 rows of art. b / n. Bottom edge tie 4 rows of art. b / n. At the same time for the outer corners in the 1st row of the corner loop we knit 2 elevations. p., in the 2nd row in this arch we knit 1 tbsp. b / n, 2 air. Clause 1 of Art. b / n. We also knit the following rows. For the inner corners of the cut in the corner loop, we knit 2 tbsp.6 / n together in each row.

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