Crochet mini sock knit pattern

Knitted mini-socks- a master class on knitting small socks, which can later be used to make jewelry, keychain, Christmas tree decorations for the New Year and Christmas.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn of your choice;
  2. The hook.


  1. Art. b / n - single crochet;
  2. VP - air loops;
  3. P - increase;
  4. W - decrease;
  5. PP - lifting loop.

Knitting description

We begin to knit with a sliding knot and chains of 2 VP.

1 row: 6 tbsp. b / n to the second from the hook of the EP (6 loops);

2 row: 6 P (12 loops);

3 row: 1 P, 1 tbsp. b / n (18 loops);

4-10: row 18 of Art. b / n (18 loops).

Knit heels:

11th row: 13th Art. b / n, knit 1 PP and turn knitting (13 loops);

12 row: 13 art. b / n, from the inside, in the opposite direction, 1 PP, turn the work (13 loops);

13 row: 13 art. b / n, 1 PP, turn (13 loops);

14 row: 13 art. b / n, 1 PP, turn (13 loops);

15 row: 3 tbsp. b / n, 1 regular U, a decrease with knitting 3 loops together, 1 ordinary U, 3 tbsp. b / n, PP, turn (9 loops);

16 row: 1 tbsp.b / n, 1 regular U, a decrease with knitting 3 loops together, 1 regular U, PP, turning (5 loops);

17 row: tying the remaining 5 loops together, alternately inserting the hook into each of the remaining 5 loops, grabbing the thread and pulling out the loop, at the end there should be 6 loops on the hook along with the worker. We knit all 6 loops in 1 reception. Cut and fasten the thread. (1 loop);

Knit top sock:

18 row: after you have finished knitting the heel, you should get a sock that lacks elastic to become a full-fledged toe. Fasten the thread anywhere in the unfinished edge and begin to knit the usual crochet without crochet in a circle. There should be 17 of them, but it's okay if there are a little more or less (17 loops);

19-22 row: 17 tbsp. b / n (17 loops).

At the end we cut off and fasten the thread, the knitted sock is ready.

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