Crochet Snail

Often there are small hanks of yarn, from which you don’t seem to knit anything, but you can combine them and get something amazing. So I got a lot of leftovers, and I decided to please myself and my granddaughter with a new creation. To bind such a snail, we need: -Remaining acrylic yarn of the same density. I took the yarn, which is 380 meters per hundred bundle. -Hook number 2. -Glue "Crystal". -Scissors. - Needle for stitching.
 We start knitting with an open loop
We start knitting with an open loop.
 6 loops without a crochet
Then we sew 6 loops without a crochet,
We connect in a circle half-looped
We join in a circle by a half-looped.
we knit in each loop
In the second row we knit two into each loop,close the row with a half loop. And in the next row add 3 loops evenly. Get 15 loops in the row. The following rows knit in a spiral.
 knit each color in two rows
Change the thread and later knit each color in two rows. I found 7 kinds of different colors on the shell. Took a row, as desired. You can pre-line the balls and play with colors to make you like the color play. You may not break the threads before the end of the first ornamental fragment, although it is more convenient to do this immediately, tying the previous thread with the next one.
fill fill with synthetic winterizer
At the end of knitting each fragment, fill it with synthetic winterizer, remove excess material.
 knit in the same order
The next piece will knit in the same order as the first. In the same way we fill a knotted area with a broken slate pencil.
knit plot
In total, we knit 4.5 fragments of 7 threads each. The length of the shell should be at least 30 cm. Let's start knitting the torso
Now let's start knitting the torso. We collect 6 b / n posts on the open loop and continue to knit 3 rows, adding 6 additional ones in each. As a result, we will have 24 loops, although it is possible to tie the torso to 18 loops, it will also be nice.
We type 6 bars
We then knit without adding 11 or 12 cm.
Filling the body with a synthepone
We fill the body with a padding polyester, helping push it through with a pencil. Then in the next row we remove 6 loops, there will be 18. Then another 8 - there will be 12 columns. Last time we remove 6 loops and pull them onto a string, which we hide in the body.  we tie it to each column with a crochet For the legs we collect 15 air loops and we sew each column with a crochet.
do an extension of the canvas
Then do an extension of the canvas and bind the columns with the crochet from all sides, including the posts themselves (the side part).Knit in each loop for two s / fn.
proceed to the strapping
And now proceed to the strapping. In each column we knit 1 column without nakida, 1s / cn, 1s / bn. We have a beautiful substrate for a snail, on which it will stand perfectly.
 we sew this beauty in the middle of the body
Now we sew this beauty in the middle of the body, and from above we wrap the shell in the ring and also fix it on the body with using threads and needles.
We knit eyes
We knit eyes. We begin, as always, with an open loop and 6 s / bn on it.
We knit eyes
We continue with a white thread, we knit 12 loops in a row.
We knit eyes
Make another row by 12 loops, and the next one is reduced to 6. Push the ends of the threads there with a pencil and tighten. It turned out the eye with the pupil. Knit for him a cap on three rows of 12 loops. We start, as usual, with an open loop.
We knit eyes
These are the eyes we have made.
We knit eyes
Sew them to the edge and embroider the mouth.
Crochet snail
That's the kind of snail turned out on the side.
Crochet snail
We knit the horns and sew them behind the eyes in front of the shell.
Crochet snail
Here snail crawled to the bump.
Crochet snail
And here I met up with my girlfriend. Wonderful toys turned out. Delight your children and grandchildren!

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