Crocheted beret

If you want to give your sister, mother or girlfriend an original gift, you can link it to them. To do this, you need quite a bit: thread, hook, and desire. Threads are better to take wool, and choose the color that you like best. The hook should correspond to the threads you have chosen. For crochet this beret, double crochets and a raised embossed column will be used. To tie the embossed purl, you need to hold the hook not in the loop, but around the crochet post from front to back. Beret knitting begins with knitting a chain of 6 air loops that need to be closed into a ring. This will be the first row.
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The second row - in each loop of the chain you need to knit two double crochets.
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Starting from the third row, you need to make increases with the help of embossed poles.That is, the embossed purl should be knitted into every second double crochet.
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The following rows should also be knit with increases, increasing the distance between the embossed seamst column by one column in each row.
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The number of such rows with increments depends on what diameter you want to knit . So I got 16 rows with an increase per head diameter of 50 cm.
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If the diameter of the head is larger, then accordingly the rows will be larger.After that, you need to knit rows with cuts.
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For this, double crochets are knitted together in two, and the embossed column is knitted in an unchanged form. I got four rows. You may have more rows if you have more rows. The knitting of the beret is completed by knitting the elastic by alternating the embossed purl and facial columns. In elastic need to knit at least three rows. Again, the number of rows depends on the diameter of the head on which you knit.
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