Crochet Case for Easter Eggs - Bunny

CrochetedEaster egg bag - Bunny. The cover looks very beautiful, especially if you draw a bunny face on the egg. As a result, we get a very beautiful souvenir for the holiday.

Materials and tools:

  1. Phildar Phil Coton 4 yarn (100% cotton, weight 50 g, and length 85 m).
  2. hooks # 3 and # 2.5;
  3. marker;
  4. Tapestry needle.
  5. Use detachable plastic eggs or jars of cream for the stand


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. b / n - a column without a crochet.

Dimensions: capwithhareears9x7cm; house(bottom)8x5.5cm;  around the cap and house about 17 cm.

Knitting description

We knit amigurumi with knitting toys: we insert the hook under the two loops in the previous row, and we knit the parts in a spiral, marking the last loop of each row.

Bunny Cap

1 row: we take yarn and hook No. 3, we perform the "magic ring" of 8 tbsp. b / n. [8 Art. b / n];

2 row: knit in loops of a circular row of increase of 2 tbsp. b / n [16 Art. b / n];

3 row: the entire circular row knit art. b / n;

4 row: a group of loops (Art. B / N, 2 Art. B / N in the next loop), repeat 8 times [24 Art. b / n]

5-10 rows: repeat row 3.

We fix the thread, hide it and cut it.

Ears (2 pcs)

Every time you change the yarn, we leave the thread on the wrong side of the work. The ears are two-color, so for convenience of description the main color is marked with the letter A, the additional letter B.

Using yarn and hook number 2.5, we knit a chain of 8 height. We connect the linked chain into a ring.

1 row: front - 6 tbsp. b / n, change the thread color to B, then knit 2 tbsp. b / n [8];

2nd row: thread A 6 tbsp. b / n, change the color of the thread on B, 2 tbsp. b / n [8];

3-7 rows: repeat row 2;

8 row: 4 decreasing with A thread.

Using the tapestry needle, we fix the thread 8 rows. Sew ears to the top of a cozy hat.


In this detail, we repeat the indicated series of descriptions "Little Bunny".

1-2 rows: repeat the description of 1-2 rows;

3 row: repeat the description of 4 rows;

4-11 rows: repeat the description of the 3 rows;

12 row: "pitch step" around.


We make a pompon using one of the shades of the upper part with ears.Sew on pompon as shown in the photo.

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