Culinary Europe: where to go gourmet

Recently, travelers choose not just tours to a particular country, but thematic areas, such as gastronomic ones, to get acquainted with the food culture and better understand the traditions of the local population. Together with Hilton experts, we selected the best culinary destinations in Europe for a delicious weekend getaway.

Croatia - a paradise for gourmets

Recently, the Adriatic cuisine is gaining increasing popularity among tourists from around the world. It is understandable, because titled truffles, famous olive oil and fresh seafood can please anyone, even the most capricious gourmet.

By the way, recently the Croatian restaurant Monte in Rovinj, Istria, received its first Michelin star. And the rest of the restaurants were included in the newest guidebook of the world famous guide, which confirmed the status of the region as a gastronomic center. Therefore, we boldly advise you to go to Croatia and enjoy a varied menu and delicacies.

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Berlin - legendary dishes

If you want to taste real cult dishes, then feel free to book a ticket to Berlin. We recommend starting with curry at Curry & Chilli, continue with schnitzel from Schnitzelkönig (King of Schnitzel) and finish your weekend weekend gastronomic tour with a Berliner mug.

By the way, Berlin is famous for its gourmet cuisine and the home of the Lorenz Adlon restaurant with two Michelin stars. From there you have a stunning view of the Brandenburg Gate. And if you dreamed to merge with the local population and taste what they eat every day, then go to the Berlin Food Tour. And there you can definitely taste the most various delicacies that this hospitable city will offer you.

By the way, for those who are going to Germany this weekend, the Hampton by Hilton Hotel Berlin City West, located in West Berlin, can offer interesting options (prices start from 4,600 rubles when booking on the hotel's website).

Amsterdam - gastronomic excursions

We advise true gourmets not just to go to this city, but to take advantage of Eating Amsterdam and Hungry Birds Street Food Tour. During this tour, you will be able to walk around the city, on the way, having tasted the famous apple pie in the café Papeneiland, national sausage from local farmers, as well as Amsterdam herring (yes, there is such a delicacy).In turn, we recommend paying attention to the local bitter chocolate "Flammkuhen" and cheese filled with bread. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with this walk!

Florence - Tuscan Diet

We are sure that not a single gourmet will refuse to go to Italy. And all because this country has long been recognized as the main culinary capital of Europe. Agree, in any Italian city you can find traditional dishes that will make you fall in love with this culture and come back here again and again. However, it is in Florence that the whole Mediterranean cuisine is concentrated. Therefore, if you know a lot about delicious dishes, head straight to Tuscany and visit three famous Michelin-starred restaurants: Enoteca, Pinchiorri and Grom.

In addition, we recommend not to leave the region until you try scyachato (Italian flat bread), papardelle pasta with jingyale sauce (wild boar), as well as local wine (for example, Curious Appetite will be happy to tell you about the most interesting dishes and drinks) .

Seville - popular tapas bars

Perhaps no one will argue that Seville is the gastronomic capital of Spain, where about 3,000 tapas bars are concentrated for every taste and budget.If you want to find excellent food and drinks here, then go to a local bar and order, for example, Secreto Ibérico or Presa Ibérica (you will find them absolutely on any menu). A sweet tooth will find your dream dessert in the famous confectionery La Campana, which since 1885 has been preparing its popular masterpieces (here, for example, you can try French toast in Spanish style, filled with sugar and honey).

And in order to fully indulge in gastronomic delight, we advise you to look at the Hilton Garden Inn Sevilla hotel, which is far from city noise and boasts a large selection of restaurants and bars (prices start at 4000 rubles per night when booking on the hotel website).

Tips for those planning an unforgettable gastronomic weekend

1. Be sure to read the recommendations and reviews of the places where you plan to go. And look at the sites of local bloggers, because it is there that you can find information not only on gastronomic places, but also on beach holidays, city trips, luxury tours or romantic seclusion.

2. Remember that lunch and dinner time varies in different countries. Therefore, if you want to get to the best restaurant, book a table in advance, and do not leave everything at the last moment.For example, in Seville, restaurants open for dinner around 8:00 pm, and locals usually arrive at 9:00 pm.

3. It will not be superfluous to attend local cooking classes. This is how it will be possible to enrich your knowledge about a particular country, and then recreate your favorite dishes at home. For example, one of the most popular culinary schools is Cook in Milano in Milan, Schoene Heimat in Berlin, Travel & Cuisine in Seville.

4. Do not refuse street food, because now it is considered a new fashion trend. The only thing you need to choose the right places where you can feast on without sad consequences. For example, we advise you to find Berlin’s Street Food Thursday, where there is a variety of national snacks or, for example, Florentine “Hioshi” (street counters) with traditional sandwiches filled with trip and lambredotto.

5. If you really want to visit the best restaurants, contact the concierge. Indeed, in addition to recommendations, he definitely has personal contacts, and he will be able to agree on table reservation even in a place that enjoys the greatest popularity not only among tourists, but also among local residents.

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