Culinary Nostalgia: Recipes of the Soviet Era

How often people remember the “old days”. And not the last role in these memories is played by dishes prepared according to recipes, recorded by the hand of mother or grandmother in a homemade cookbook. Today, the range of products in stores is incomparably greater than a decade ago. But why not remember the Soviet culinary traditions?

Tubules with condensed milk

You can buy such a cake in the store, but most likely, the cream will contain unnecessary additives, and the dough is made on margarine. Find an old electric waffle-iron on the mezzanine and start baking by yourself!

For the test:

  • 200 grams of butter;
  • 2 cups wheat flour;
  • 3-4 eggs;
  • a glass of sugar;
  • spoon of refined sunflower oil (for lubricating waffle irons)

For cream:

  • Condensed Milk Can

Heat oil in a water bath, add eggs, sugar and flour. The dough should be like thick sour cream. Bake waffles, and roll them in a warm form.Condensed milk is better to buy already boiled - so safer for your kitchen. Put the milk in the pastry bag and fill the cooled tubes. You can add butter to the condensed milk, so that the cream is softer.

"Curly" soup

So many Soviet children learned to do themselves while their parents were at work. As a base, any broth was used, but ideally a chicken.

For broth:

  • Chicken or beef;
  • Bay leaf;
  • water;
  • bulb;
  • black pepper

For refueling:

  • Carrot;
  • bulb;
  • sunflower oil;
  • vermicelli;
  • potatoes;
  • the eggs

Boil a clear chicken or beef broth. Put the meat in cold water. After half an hour, put the whole onion in the broth and cook until ready. Add pepper peas. The broth can be used for the basis for different soups. "Curly" suggests fried onions and carrots, sliced ​​potatoes, noodles. Raw eggs are whipped and poured into the soup for 5 minutes until cooked.


This word was also used for famous canned fish and sandwiches with them, which for a long time won a place for themselves at festive feasts.

For classic sandwiches you will need:

  • Baton or Borodino bread;
  • canned food "sprats";
  • garlic head;
  • mayonnaise


  • Marinated or pickled cucumber;
  • egg;
  • cheese

Dry the bread in the oven or in a dry frying pan. If following the Soviet traditions is not important - use a toaster. Rub each toast with garlic. Then you can spread the toast with mayonnaise and put the fish on top. You can make a “pillow” for fish from grated boiled eggs with cheese and mayonnaise. Decorate a sandwich with a piece of salted cucumber.

Pasta "in a fleet"

It is hard to say how fair is the reference to the marine theme, but this dish was loved by both adults and children. There are two options for cooking: with minced meat or stew.

For refueling:

  • Low-fat minced meat;
  • bulb;
  • garlic;
  • pepper;
  • tomato paste

Cook the pasta until half cooked. Drain water in a special container. In Soviet times, the pasta was washed, but do not follow this recipe of old books if you use high-quality pasta made from durum wheat. Starch will help soak up the sauce. Fry minced meat with chopped onion with pepper, garlic and tomato paste. Put the stuffing in the pasta, add water and cook until ready.You can replace the stuffing lean beef stew.

Vinaigrette Salad

A dish of French cuisine in a modified form has become very popular on the expanses of the USSR due to the rich taste and availability of ingredients.

For the main salad will need:

  • Boiled beets;
  • jacket potatoes;
  • salt, sugar;
  • salted cucumbers;
  • boiled carrots;
  • raw onion;
  • unrefined sunflower oil


  • Apple vinegar;
  • sauerkraut;
  • green pea

Each hostess had a secret of how to make a “special” salad, although everyone had the same products. Some took pickled cucumbers instead of salted, others cooked beets with the addition of vinegar. Some considered it a secret to a pinch of sugar added to the oil along with the salt. The ratio of components was also chosen individually. Boil and cool the vegetables, add the dressing.

Fried eggs with sausage

It is difficult for the modern generation to understand what kind of delicacy ordinary boiled sausage was considered. She could be driven to another city, and scrambled eggs with her were served for breakfast on special occasions.


Choose sausage, which is prepared in accordance with GOST, then you will not be disappointed with the final dish.

Cut the sausage into strips or slices.Each cut in the middle so that they do not turn too much. Fry the sausage from both sides on a small amount of butter, and then pour the eggs. Cook until the protein is ready. Traditionally, eggs are fried in such a dish in the form of "fried egg", not allowing the yolk to spread before it gets on the plate.

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