Ring Cushion

To make a beautiful and original ring cushion, we will need: a cut of satin fabric, scissors, cardboard, ruler, pencil, needle, thread, beads, beads, silicate glue or super glue gel, synthetic padding (or any other), artificial fabric flower . 1. Determine the dimensions of the future pads and on a thick cardboard with a ruler and pencil draw a square of the required size. Cut it.
Ring Pad
2. We fold the satin fabric section in half, we apply the cardboard layout made by us and with the help of scissors we cut out blanks from the fabric (Do not forget to make an allowance for the seam. To do this, we cut a square from the fabric several millimeters larger than our cardboard blank).
ring cushion
3. We fold the obtained fabric parts with the front parts to each other and stitch it (It is better, of course, to use a typewriter, but if we don’t have one, we do everything manually.Try to make the stitches turn out to be small and lay down in a straight line) all the edges of the square, leaving a small hole on one side. 4. We turn the pad over the front side through the left hole.
Pillow for rings
5. Fill the pad tightly with filler and carefully sew up the hole. 6. We take an artificial flower, and we sort it into separate petals.
Pad for rings
7. Using glue, one by one we fix the flower petals on the pad and let it dry well.
 Ring Pad
8. In the middle of the flower we drop a small amount of glue (I took silicate, but you can use a transparent gel and super glue) and sprinkle with beads, wait a little and shake off the excess. 9. In the same way we decorate the corners of the pad and hide the outer seam from the hole through which it was filled. 10. With the help of glue, we add several beads.
Pad for rings
11. We give the glue to dry well and our elegant cushion for the rings is ready.
 pad for rings

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