Cute accessory made in an unusual technique macrame

The handmade yarn bag is a stylish, cute and unique accessory that is most often crocheted or knitted. Nevertheless, there is another interesting technique for creating such a bag - macrame. It means not knitting, but weaving, without the use of aids. From the outside it seems that it is more difficult to make such a bag than to crochet as usual, but in reality everything turns out to be much easier! And the handbag turns out beyond praise.

For work you will need:

  • yarn (preferably synthetic, thick, durable, lint-free);
  • paper clips;
  • wooden rings (handles; can be found in handicraft stores or “borrow” from an old bag).

Let's get to work:

1. To begin with, we determine the width of the bag. It is possible to weave for the first time not a whole bag, but a small clutch to fill your hand. After that, measure the desired width of the future bag,fix paper clips or other convenient objects on the work surface that will help to weave.

Throw yarn over each clip. After that, tie two adjacent threads as shown in the diagram below:

2. The bottom of the bag is woven in the same way as the base. Choose the width of their own. When the turn comes to weave the ring, add a new thread between the holes.

3. Tie the remaining threads tightly, cut and hide.

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