Darts from gel pens

Not so long ago, digging into my reserves, I discovered an old dartboard. Darts have long been broken and lost. I didn’t want to buy a new kit, and I decided to make new darts from the body of the handles. The basis was taken from ordinary gel pens. First you need to remove from them the core with the paste, as well as unscrew both caps. Then you need to take plasticine, a needle, matches and a piece of a piece of paper.  Darts from gel pens
Take the front cap and insert the needle, the point to the outside. Then take the clay and tightly close the notch in the cap. After that, you should take the match and slightly melt the plates, so it is better to fall into the cracks in the thread. After that, the clay will sit down a bit, and it will be necessary to sculpt it tightly. Then you need to take a piece of notebook paper and roll out a thick pad from it, according to the diameter of the cap. We need it so that the needle does not get out afterwards.We take a small pillow, and we mold it on top of plasticine, on top we clings still plasticine. Everything, the main part is ready.
Darts from the gel pens
Next, you need to make the plumage for the dart. It is made of paper. To do this, take the album sheet, make a square of it and bend it according to the following scheme. Green lines - fold outward, blue - fold inward. After that, it will be like a pyramid, in which it is necessary to slightly cut off the top. Then we smear the body of the handle with white glue and put on the plumage. We smooth the paper so that there are no bubbles, and let it dry. Then we put on a cap with a needle. Everything, the crafts are ready.
Darts from gel pens
How to throw. Throwing such a dart is slightly different from the usual. Such a dart must be balanced on the finger and mark this place with something, for example, scribbled with a knife. For this place and you need to keep the dart when throwing. It remains only to train to throw him into the target. By the way, such a dart will fly farther than normal because of more weight.
 Darts from gel pens

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