Decorating a notebook with a spray of paint

Decorating a notebook with a spray of paintis a simple master class, decorating a notebook (notebook, notebook, etc.) with a spray of paint, giving it individuality.

Materials and tools:

  1. notebook (notebook, notebook, etc.);
  2. acrylic paint;
  3. acrylic paint solvent - water, alcohol, depending on the base;
  4. sprinkler (or a hard bristled toothbrush or brush).

Step 1

First, take the paint and dissolve it with a solvent, then pour the paint into the sprinkler. We'll cover the table with, for example, a newspaper (or paper), put a notebook (notebook, notebook, etc.) and spray paint with a sprinkler (toothbrush or brush), we can repeat it with several colors. We are waiting for the paint to dry and "paint" on the other side.

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