Decorating candles

Materials: - Paraffin or wax candles (you can buy wax in specialized stores or shops for creativity; a cheaper option: buy ordinary candles in a supermarket) - the number of candles depends on the size of the future candle;
- Enameled bowl for melting candles; - Napkins for decoupage (napkins are sold in stores for creativity in sets or one by one, you can choose any suitable color or pattern) or decoupage cards; - Teaspoon; - Scissors; - The form in which the candle will harden; - Flavoring (vanillin or cinnamon is perfect for confectionery) or essential oil (lavender, mint, ylang-ylang, orange, juniper, cinnamon, etc.). Work stages: 1. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools for the job.
for work
 for work
2. Break the candles into smaller parts and fold them into the dishes in which they will be heated.The wick that is inside the candle should not be thrown away, it will come in handy in the process of making the candle. Extra pieces of wick leave at home, you can use them in the future, when you make new candles. Melting candle takes about 10-15 minutes. So, be careful! Follow the heating process. The dishes in which the candles melted should be washed in warm water immediately after the wax transfusion.
3. Pour melted wax into the mold. Use a form of thick glass or plastic. The walls of the form should be smooth and smooth so that the candle can be easily removed, and also it is not broken. Add flavoring or essential oil. The wick must be fixed vertically in the center, for this you can use clothespins or bamboo sticks.
 Pour the melted wax
4. The candle should completely harden and cool. Only then can it be taken out of the form. The time depends on the size of the candle. This candle (height - 6.5 cm, diameter - 8.5 cm) took about 10 hours.
 Pour the melted wax
5.It's time to decorate the finished product. To do this, you can use napkins for decoupage or decoupage cards. In this master class napkins were used, as it is easier to work with them and they are great for working with candles. Cut the required pattern. Napkins usually have 2-3 layers. It is necessary to separate the topmost layer on which the image is located. Napkins are very thin, you need to be careful not to tear the napkin and not damage the picture.
 Pour the melted wax
Pour the melted wax

Pour the melted wax
6. Attach the picture to the candle, then heat the spoon over the candles and use circular motions on top of the picture. Due to the fact that the wax will seep through the thin napkin, it will firmly stick to the candle, and the edges of the napkin will become less noticeable.
 Pour the melted wax
Pour melted wax
7. Repeat these steps around the perimeter of the candle, apply all the prepared pictures. It is necessary to check whether the wax is evenly distributed throughout the candle. It is important, in the process of drawing a picture, not to make wrinkles or depressions. The candle is ready!
 decorating candles
A unique and exclusive decoration for your home is ready! Put a candle near the bed or present to relatives and friends! You will succeed! Good luck to you!

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