Decorative wipe "Bunny"

Knitted napkins have long been used as a decor. They serve as coasters with stationery, bowls of candy or fruit dishes. Each in its own beautiful and delightful. Openwork motifs simply can not be unnoticed, because such a pattern is always unique and inimitable. But what about the design of the nursery? Do we often use the classic version for the decor of the room where our mischievous "live"? Probably not, because such a thing will seem very boring and ordinary for children. Actually, it is very simple to move away from the classics. Even a napkin can be unusual if you put in it "children's overtones." This is this small napkin with a cute bunny inside.
 Decorative napkin Bunny
It will perfectly complement any interior and absolutely every child will like it. It is easy to knit it, besides it will take quite a bit of materials: gray, pink and blue yarn,plus a thin hook for knitting (1.80-2.00 mm).  Decorative napkin Bunny
The torso and head of the hare consist of ordinary round blanks, connected with a single crochet, where to extend the first one knotted one of the sides of the circle. Due to this, the desired shape of the trunk is achieved and it turns out to be an oval shape.
 Decorative napkin Bunny
 Decorative napkin Bunny Head fit in a circle without any or edits. There are enough 3 circular rows to finish the work and get the part of the right size.  Decorative napkin Bunny To create long ears, type 11 air loops (one on the rise) and knit with columns different amounts of nakidov (descending).
 Decorative napkin Bunny
 Decorative napkin Bunny The first three columns we knit with 2 nakida, the next 3 - with one and the last loops we knit at all without nakidov.This pattern is repeated from the opposite side of the ear.
 Decorative napkin Bunny
At the end, pink blanks are tied around the contour with gray thread Art./B. n.
 Decorative napkin Bunny
Sew to the head. Cut white eyes out of felt and re-attach them with a needle, but now with a black thread.
 Decorative napkin Bunny

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