Decorative pillow cases with your own hands: when you do not need to sew

Hand-made decorative pillows are the perfect decor option, giving the house individuality and adding comfort. It is a mistake to think that it will take a long time to make original pillowcases. There are at least 3 ways in which even the needle in the hands do not have to take. Costs are also minimized. Just look how original the pillow cases can look, which you do not have to sew.

Apillow case with decorative bow

To create a pillowcase, you will need a finished lace walkway or a wide lace with a large pattern and satin ribbon.

The cover of the pillowcase should ideally be solid.

It remains only to wrap the pillow with lace, and at the joints to connect the ribbon.

Principle of packing

Using this method you can get both decorative and ordinary pillowcase. As a pillowcase, a piece of fabric is used here that exceeds the width of the pillow. Then we act on the principle of gift wrapping.

We lay the fabric face down and place the pillow in the middle.

Fold the fabric up and down.

We fold the remaining fabric with triangles.

Connecting the ends of the fabric with each other, we bind them, and hide the remaining ends under the knot.

Fringed Pillowcase

You can use for work fleece or any knitwear that does not require processing. Suitable for this out of fashion or become small knitwear.

We have a pillow on the fabric so that at least 10 cm of allowance is left around the edges. Be sure to consider that there should be two parts.


If the parts are cut separately, then fold them together. Along the perimeter we make cuts corresponding to the depth of the allowance. Corner square cut off. It remains to tie the fringe between each other, and the pillowcase is ready. The main thing is not to forget to insert inside the pillow or the chosen filler option before you finish tying the knots.




By this principle, you can make decorative pads of various shapes.

If desired, they can always be supplemented with various elements of decor.

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